To Add a New Run or Walk

Click on the "New Run" or "New Walk" buttons in the upper left corner of the main StrideWare toolbar. You'll see this new window for adding and editing your runs and walks.

In this window, enter your run or walk information. The only required fields are Name, Date, and Distance or Time. After entering your information, click on OK to save this run or walk to your database.

Adding new Names, Shoes, or Routes
If the Name, Shoe, or Route you need to enter does not appear in the dropdown list, you can click on the button. This will allow you to enter new Names, Shoes, or Routes, respectively.
By specifying a Shoe, you can easily keep track of the accumulated distance on your shoes. This can be important in avoiding running injuries.

Data Entry
The most efficient way to enter run or walk Time, is by entering two digits in each field (for example, "01", "05", "10" for a run or walk of one hour, five minutes, and ten seconds). Otherwise, you'll need to tab, or mouse-click to get to the next field. For the rest of the fields, using the Tab key is the quickest way to get from field to field.

If you enter Time and Pace, your Distance will be calculated automatically. Likewise, if you enter Time and Distance, your pace will be calculated for you.

Use the Run or Walk "radio buttons" to indicate whether this was a run or a walk.

Use the Race check box to indicate whether this was a a race. By doing so, StrideWare will be able to keep track of your Personal Records.

The Previous and Next buttons allow you to quickly move through your previously entered records.

At the bottom of the window is a tool for creating links to files or websites outside of StrideWare. You can use this to link your run to a website (e.g., the website for a race), photographs, maps, etc.

The Tabs
The tabs in the lower half of the run editor window allow you to enter more information about your run or walk. Each of these tabs is explained below.

Notes Tab
The notes tab contains a single field can be used to enter free-form notes about your run or walk. The amount of text you may enter is unlimited.

Heart Rate Tab

This tab allows you to enter information from your heart rate monitor. If you use heart rate training zones, you'll see a pie chart illustrating how much time you spent in each zone. To enter your personal heart rate training zones, open the personal information editor for yourself.

Ratings Tab

This tab allows you to rate your run or walk, using the slider controls.

Energy Tab

This tab shows you how many calories (or joules) you burned during your run or walk. Calories are automatically estimated using a fairly complex formula that takes into account your weight, height, age, sex, plus the distance and speed of your walk or run, and the amount of climbing involved.

More Tab

On this tab, you can specify the type of surface you ran or walked on, how hilly it was, and the number of steps taken.

Elevation Gain
Based on your run or walk distance, you can use the "Terrain" slider to estimate the elevation gained on your run or walk. If you have a more accurate number (from an altimeter, or a topo map), you can enter it directly in the Elevation Gain field. The elevation gained is used in calculating your calories burned.

If you use a pedometer, you can enter your number of steps in the Steps field. If you've entered your walking or running Stride Length (in the Person window), StrideWare will automatically calculate the Distance of your run or walk. Alternatively, if you know your Distance and Stride Length, you can use the Calculator button next to the Stride Length field, to quickly calculate your number of Steps.

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