To Add a new Goal:

Click on the "Goals" button on the main toolbar, or do a right-mouse click on a date in the Calendar, and select "Add Goal" from the popup menu. Using the Goal editor window shown below, you can add new Goals, and monitor your progress.

In this window, enter information about your Goal.

From and To Dates

"Training volume" goals normally have separate starting and ending dates (a typical goal is show above). "Activity" goals can also be entered - these goals normally have the same From and To date (for example, "Complete the SufferFest Marathon on May 15th").

Distance, Time, Climbing and Energy

You may enter goals for Distance, Time, Climbing (elevation gain), and Energy (calories or joules). All of these fields are optional. If you enter a value in any of these fields, StrideWare will track your progress towards each of your training goals.

To Delete a Goal

Click on the "Delete" button.


You can create Links to external files or websites, by clicking on the "Links" button (it looks like this: ). You can link to files on your computer (for example, digital photos), or to external websites (for example, the website for your century ride).

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