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On the Graphs tab, you can see your run/walk data displayed in graphical form.  Using the selection criteria at the top of this window, you can quickly slice and dice your running and walking data in many different ways. Your data can be filtered by: Name, Shoe, Route, Walks or Runs or Both, From Date and To Date.  Both bar graphs and line graphs are supported.  For Line Graphs, you'll also see a blue "average" line.

Here are some of the graphs built into StrideWare:

  • Distance  - By Week

  • Distance - By Month

  • Time (hours) - By Week

  • Time (hours) - By Month

  • Avg. Speed - By Week

  • Avg. Speed - By Month

  • # of Runs/Walks - By Week

  • # of Runs/Walks - By Month

  • Climbing - By Week

  • Climbing - By Month

  • Calories - By Week

  • Calories - By Month

  • Weight

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Avg. Heart Rate - By Ride

  • Blood Pressure

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