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Get more out of your running and walking activities, with these handy tools. These tools are built into StrideWare, and can be accessed from the "Tools" menu.

Body Mass Index
This tool allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index, and do "what-if" analysis with it.

Body Fat Estimator
Using formulas developed by the US Dept. of Defense, and several simple body measurements, this tool will estimate your body fat percentage.

Calorie Calculator
This tool will estimate the calories you burn during a run or walk.

Distance, Time, and Average Speed Calculator
This tool allows you to enter any two values (Distance, Time, or Average Speed), and calculate the third value with a simple mouse click. It's also a convenient way of converting these values between Imperial and Metric units.

Stride Length Calculator
This tool is handy if you use a pedometer. It allows you to quickly calculate your stride length in different units of measure. With an accurate stride length, StrideWare can estimate the distance you travel on your walks and runs.

Time Difference Calculator
Enter any two Time values, and see the difference between them. Useful for determing how badly you beat your riding partner in the local hill climb (or, vice versa).

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